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  • Asus R752L / X751L Laptop Review dolly parton bunnyThis is a half-assed review of the Asus R752L-K Laptop, known in north america as the X751L-K
  • An interesting waste of time – streetwear vs pornstars So I was rooting around on Google trends and I noticed an interesting trend.. more accurately a trend-event. It seems something happened in 2007 that sent the kink-o-sphere into some sort of internet death spiral… at least as far as google is concerned.. Here are two examples to illustrate what I ...
  • Proof in the Pudding – Page Speed and Load Times It took a lot of doing, but it’s finally done. is built on the shreds of an old wordpress theme I found in the corner of the internet somewhere… To get it to work properly, I’ve had to install probably five million plugins and add-ons and custom functions… all of ...
  • Fancybox Mobile / iPhone Zoom Issue – Resolved I just wanted to throw a quick note out there for anyone who is using a lightbox plugin and is having issues with zooming on mobile screens. Specifically, the issue of the lightbox scooting off your iphone/mobile screen when you try to zoom in on it. I have seen a lot ...
  • My what a busy week! Quite a bit going lately! Where to begin.. As you may have noticed, The Sf5 shop has a new look. The entire website has been cleaned up and made a little more presentable. I am particularly pleased with the header menu and the categories menu at the bottom of the collections ...
  • Getting the kinks worked in… It took way too much effort, but almost all of the shirts on Superfly5000 now come in a range of sizes for men and women from Small to Extra Large. Hoodies now come in Large and Extra Large. Dye-Sub shirts (marked with a “DS”) still only come in Large unless ...
  • Google Customer Service – An Update So I have crawled out of my aforementioned corner- without receiving my aforementioned blowjob (the injustice!)- and have called Google customer service (yes, you can call them!) regarding their mystifying disapproval of my adwords campaign. According to the online notification, my ad was disapproved because the target URL did not work. ...
  • Patience… I don’t have it. I do not have patience. I am only capable of being patient when I am allowed to actively work towards whatever I am so patiently waiting for. I would make a terrible sub. I mean, I love dragging things out. Letting the suspense build.. but only if I’m ...
Deep Thoughts:
  • Fuck You depressedi cant take it any more. my brain feels like it's going to melt. i cant keep a clear thought in my head for more than a minute before the searing pain rolls in like a fog- obscuring all direction, all will- anything i thought i wanted to do is gone and all that is left in its place is deafening, roaring, thunder. wind. i don't know. something just sweeps in and completely disrupts me. and i spiral, because i can't think. i get so angry, trying to solve the simplest problems- not being able to put two and two together and the anger grows and grows until i cant even breathe, let alone complete a sentence. i want to die. no, i don't. i dont want to die- i dont know what that means to die- i want to be able to function like so many of those people out there that somehow live seemingly normal lives.. meet someone, raise a family, buy a house.. have a hobby.. i want that so badly. but i cant. i did something, i dont know exactly what, and now the universe keeps its thumb on me. it's turned my own body against me. i cant handle it any more- the constant wailing. the physical, mental and emotional anguish i feel every second of every day. like falling from some immeasurable height- the air screaming past my ears- total disorientation... cant tell which way is up.. just noise... just noise and darkness.. so thick i feel i could fish it out of my head with a coat hanger if i could just jab the thing deep enough into my ear... i know i could reach it to pull it out.. anything anything at all to make it stop. to have air again.. to be able to see again..

    i just want to..

    i just want out.
  • Donald Trump, Racism, Religion and Right of Way lion-king

    I'm in a bad mood. You should be aware of this before reading the rest of this post because it is going to be a bad mood post.

    I was recently on Twitter, chasing down some Trump Tweets, when I came across the profile of one of Trump's followers: Dixie Diva (@Dixieland_diva_)

    Trump is awesome. He says stupid things, but he is actually very smart and I believe that he could be a positive force for this country.

    Then there are people like Dixie Diva. Dixie Diva is an ardent Trump supporter. She also believes in one god. She believes that God had a son and that that son died for everyone's sins. Dixie Diva believes that God created all men in his image and that all men are the children of God. She must, right? I mean, those are the main bullet-points of Christianity..

    Dixie Diva also believes that homosexuals, individuals of color, and pretty much anyone who disagrees with her, is sub-human and will burn in hell for all of eternity for the sins of being gay, black, or for having a differing opinion.

    I try not to hate people. I don't "hate" Dixie Diva. I am extremely frustrated by her quirky application of a belief system that clearly demands peace, understanding and forgiveness. I don't know.. maybe forgiveness according to her Bible involves burning crosses.

    Actually, on a normal day, I wouldn't have even noticed the confederate flag icon that caused me to click on Dixie Diva's twitter profile. On a normal day, people like Dixie Diva don't penetrate my idiot filter, let alone make it to the part of my brain that deals with controversy.. Because her ideology is not controversial, but rather, stupid. Like a fly trying to escape through a closed window. On a normal day, I would have just opened the window and let Dixie Diva out.

    Today is not a normal day. Today is extra cold, my stomach hurts, and sales are down. Today, Dixie Diva, is your day.

    So, DeeDee, allow me to begin by asking:

    What the hell is wrong with you? Were you always brain damaged or was it a car accident? What happened? Are your parents the same? Did they raise you on a diet of hate and stupidity? Were you deprived of oxygen as a child?

    Is there a single argument in your racist, homophobic lexicon that you can back up with anything other than screaming "yeehaw"? Is there any ground for your otherwise completely irrational hatred for so many different kinds of people? Do you hate Eskimos, too? You know, I hear they hold to pretty tight communities where people often work together and share... that's pretty fucking gay, right? And you have about as much justification for hating them as you do of hating their warmer-weather counterparts.

    You know, I would totally understand if you said something like, "I hate having butt sex with my gay lover, because I am not gay and it makes me extremely uncomfortable to be this physically excited about something that defies both my definition of who I am and who I find myself sexually compatible with." I would have nothing to say against that. It is not everyone's cup of tea and my only question would then be: have you had an open, honest discussion about this with your gay lover? You racist piece of shit.

    Ach.. The problem with all of this.. with your blatant lack education, Dixie Diva, and with this post, and with my current, bad-mood reaction to your lack of education, with this post... is that nobody here is actually wrong. Somewhere, a gay couple is getting married while, just around the corner, an uneducated, cellulite blob is campaigning for hate and fear while, around yet another corner, sits the best looking guy in the universe, taking potshots from his couch. And we're all within our rights. Maybe not our rights as citizens, or even our human rights- but the universal right that reads,

    "You don't know, so shut the fuck up."

    And just for you, DeeDee, I am going to translate this one universal law into a language that even you should be able to understand:

    "Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

    PS.. there will come, invariably, a shmo, who will read this post and cast judgement upon me for casting judgment upon DD for casting judgement upon everyone who isn't in her tailgate country club... and to that shmo, let it be known that I am preemptively judging you for judging me.

    It's the circle of liiiiiiife....!
  • Goofing Off work work workI really enjoy what I do. I wish I could spend more time on designing and less on taking pictures of my living room, but you gotta do what you gotta do- am I right or am I right?

    I hope this post has been as compelling and informative for you as it has been a joy for me to write it.

    I love you all.
  • Another example of why Muhammad Ali was the greatest. aliThis is the best (clip from an) interview,
    probably the best video -period- that I have ever seen.

    This is evidence enough for me that it takes more than just brawn to be a good fighter.

    This video is a great refresher for anyone trying to chase down a dream or goal.. Mr. Clay does an awesome job of hammering down three vital message that everyone needs to hear:

    1. Everyone starts out somewhere, and the only honest, good reaction to seeing someone work towards something, is admiration.

    2. The higher you fly, the thinner the air becomes... or..
    the higher you fly, the hotter the sun gets... or..
    oooo- the deeper you swim, the greater the barometric pressure!
    In other words: the challenges you will face become exponentially more difficult as you begin to work / perform / compete at a higher level. Peewee boxing at the rec center requires significantly less work than hopping in the ring for a title fight in Vegas. This applies no matter which direction you move your life- whether it be boxing or something else.

    3. Everyone peaks and is succeeded. Nobody will ever replace Muhammad Ali or Steve Jobs or Jim Friggin Croce.. but they were all succeeded. They all had to pass the torch.

    I need to cut back on the coffee...
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